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Helping your employees identify and prioritize their personal development needs not only helps them to reach their full potential but is crucial for business growth. We help identify what activities, habits, training or practical experiences will lead to observable behaviour change. Personal Development Planning is followed by monthly coaching sessions to ensure progress is made, and can include post-development assessment of performance.

the Gap

Before compiling Learning & Development budgets or skills plans, we identify & prioritise key job criteria such as qualifications, experience, knowledge, skills and behaviour. Through psychometric and competency-based assessment and performance reviews we identify employees’ development gaps and compile individual Personal Development Plans.

the Gap

Adopting a “one style fits all” approach is a waste of valuable training budget. For example, two employees may have the same development needs, but could require totally different interventions to improve their performance. We identify the reasons behind employees’ behaviour, enabling you to develop each employee according to his/her unique characteristics.

Measuring Performance

Are you evaluating ROI on your training? Has training positively contributed to behaviour change and job performance? We evaluate employees’ performance and improvement post-training. This helps employees remain focused on their most critical KPIs while receiving objective feedback to keep them motivated.

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