Organisational Development

Ann Turner I/O Psychologist & Coach

Organisational Culture & Climate

What are the unwritten rules guiding behaviour in your organisation? Are there shared values or beliefs that affect performance? What is the current “mood” amongst your employees?

Allow us to evaluate and make recommendations on the organisational culture and climate that may be affecting your results.

Succession planning & career pathing: What is your internal talent pool like?

  • Identify high performing and high potential employees and plan their development in line with requirements at more senior levels
  • Ensure you have suitable internal talent when vacancies arise
  • Increase engagement by providing possible career paths that employees can follow in advancing their careers
Ann Turner I/O Psychologist & Coach
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Employee engagement & retention: How committed and motivated are your employees?

Is staff turnover a problem, and if so, why? Ensuring that employees have positive workplace experiences encourages them to willingly “go the extra mile” and allows you to avoid losing valuable skills and expertise due to high staff turnover.

Employee opinion surveys and “pulse checks” enable you to proactively address issues early, before negative consequences occur.